Do you realize

how amazing you are?

We are each capable of far more than we may believe. I launched because I want you, and people everywhere, to enjoy love, peace, and abundance of all kinds. 

My wish is for you to feel more energized, light, and joyful, as you live your innate potential.

“There is no love greater

than love with no object.

For then you, yourself,

have become love itself.”


Alfreda-Monroe“My first encounter with Jennifer was through an article she had written in Salt Magazine, titled Everyone Is Psychic, The gift of learning to accept your own intuition. Her words captivated me. I felt as if I knew her. I went directly to her website the second I finished reading, got the contact number, called her, and she answered. And just like that, we were bonded. Hearing her warm and inviting voice, I instantly knew this was the Energy Healer and Life Coach for me. I scheduled my first energy session, of many. After seeing such awesome life changing results, I scheduled sessions for my family, including my husband, son, daughter, and sisters. Jennifer has helped us all in innumerable ways, especially helping us release anxiety and fear associated with family issues, and to discover overall happiness in life in general. She starts every session by giving her undivided attention, listening to every detail of everything that concerns you. There is nothing I can’t say to her. She genuinely cares, never judges, and provides exceptionally valuable insight. No practitioner comes close to what Jennifer has been able to provide for me and my family. She has helped me have the ability to choose how I deal with life’s stresses. Without exaggeration, Jennifer’s combination of talent, compassion, and guidance have helped me balance my emotional life. I cannot recommend her enthusiastically enough!”

–Alfreda R. Monroe, Mother Extraordinaire and Burgeoning Philanthropist, Leland, NC

Becoming the person you were born to be is not a matter of trying hard. It’s a matter of energetics.

“Healing” simply means removing the blocks to love.

Well-being is not about doing. It’s about being.

Positive change happens from the inside out. You naturally grow happier and healthier simply by being your authentic self in all areas of your life.

It is my honor to help you align with your highest self.

You are already the most perfect love you can imagine.

How do I know that? Because I have a gift that allows me to see the love inside all people. It’s my job to guide you home, to your self.

Much pain is caused by a lack of love. You may have pain but you don’t need fixing. I simply help you release what stands between you and your love.

Fear is often the root of emotional or physical unease. Any time you’re suffering, it’s because you’ve disconnected from love. It’s OK. Whatever you’re struggling with is simply communication from your soul, asking you to please show up, be present.

When we stop resisting and start listening, life gets really exciting. Why is it misery to avoid or resist your own evolution? Because life itself is the vehicle for growth. This is it! You’re already enrolled in the school of love. And your desire for peace and joy is your call to action.

With the help of higher consciousness, you can move mountains.

Love is seeking you. And you’re seeking it. We’re all here to love. But most people are also afraid to really open their heart. Your suffering is a gift here to help you. It’s the perfect motivation to have the awakening you want more than anything.

Massive dissonance (with yourself and others) can be cleared. The more fear you release, the more you are your true essence. You will be amazed by what you’re capable of — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually — when you’re aligned with the love at your core.

Love is the only true meaning in life. There is nothing else. That’s why you’re here. And, that’s why you’ve landed on my website.

Isa Dona (Jennifer Chapis) is a master healer and ascension guide dedicated to love consciousness. By way of the highest light, she uses her unique intuitive and energetic gifts to offer life-changing healing activations, clearings, and regressions, worldwide. Her signature group light transmissions heal the earth’s energy grid and contribute to the collective awakening of mankind. Her specialty is mentoring ascending masters as they awaken to their gifts and purpose. A New York University writing professor for over a decade, Jennifer has published in The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, and hundreds of other magazines and anthologies. She has led workshops in New York City, Princeton, Charlotte, Phoenix, San Diego, London, and Stuttgart, Germany.

I look forward to working with you if and whenever you feel called!

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There has never been a more exciting time to be alive.

In this new intuitive age where the old structures no longer serve our individual and collective needs, it’s my mission to help you awaken to the truth of who you are and what you have to offer.

If you’re willing to trust everything that happens, to know that it’s all in divine order, to say yes, to flow with nature instead of against it. If you’re willing to see the truth. If you realize that doing anything else is pointless. If you’re willing to accept your own magnificence. Then let’s do this.

I cannot wait to meet you!

Bring yourself exactly as you are. Bring your pain and fear. Bring your deepest desires. Let’s clear your channel. All Love Energy Healing and All Love Energy Clearing Meditation raise your vibration, shifting the fear that can block you from joyfully living your soul’s purpose.

As you evolve, the world evolves along with you. I’m excited for this transformation, which–even as you read this–is already taking place.

All Love,

What’s All Love Healing?

It’s a unique kind of energy work.

It’s a vehicle for the highest form of self-discovery and mastery.

It’s a natural tool for self-love and universal unity.

It’s a way of life that transforms your life.

It shows you the miracle that was unfolding all along.

It helps you clearly hear your highest calling.

It’s all about love.

It’s something you need to experience firsthand in order to understand what’s truly possible.

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