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A virtual meditation gathering

with loving energy from SOURCE

sent directly to you, wherever you are located worldwide.

You are invited to join Channel-for-Love Isa Dona in silent meditation for the eleven days leading up to Thanksgiving.

11/11/18 – 11/21/18, 6:15-7:15pm EST

(You may request an alternate time at check out.)

By coming together for 11 Days of Thanks, we are helping each other prioritize gratitude. Together, we are loving our way into the New Year and the New World.

Should you feel called to join us, Isa Dona will include you energetically in the transmission of Love and Grace.

$222 for eleven love transmissions, nonrefundable. Pre-registration required.

11/11 Gratitude for this Life
(Thank you for this miraculous human experience.)

11/12 Gratitude for this Earth
(Thank you for this beautiful, abundant planet.)

11/13 Gratitude for this Body
(Thank you for this amazing vessel for healing and enlightenment.)

11/14 Gratitude for Health and Well-being
(Thank you for my vibrancy.)

11/15 Gratitude for Inspiration
(Thank you for my passion and purpose.)

11/16 Gratitude for Creativity
(Thank you for the excited energy of creation within me)

11/17 Gratitude for Divine Guidance
(Thank you for all the unexpected support)

11/18 Gratitude for Change
(Thank you for this quantum leap Miracle)

11/19 Gratitude for Ease
(Thank you for effortless flow)

11/20 Gratitude for Abundance
(Thank you for these many resources)

11/21 Gratitude for Peace
(Thank you eternal unconditional love)

Focusing on gratitude for 11 consecutive days is an increasingly powerful medicine!

*If you are unable to meditate with us for all 11 days but would like to join us on select days, Register here. At checkout, specify which meditations you will take part in.
$22 per transmission
Please settle in 5 minutes early.

Any questions:

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“We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.”

― Thich Nhat Hanh


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“Seeing our oneness allows us to reach beyond aversion and separation to the understanding that our community is everyone.”

–Sharon Salzberg

Love is the Solution in Every Situation!