Writing for Healing™


and love your life, forever

You are an eternal being, living in an infinite universe. Boundless well-being is your nature, not something to struggle over. This living workshop is a empowering mental, emotional, and energetic makeover for people who are ready to awaken to a liberated life.

“There is nothing with which every man is so afraid as getting to know how enormously much he is capable of doing and becoming.”

–Soren Kierkegaard

“Jennifer Chapis’ Writing for Healing™ workshops have provided me with the opportunity to travel inward through the deep layers of myself. Through Jennifer’s brilliantly guided energy clearing meditations, I have been able to revisit and re-experience certain crucial moments in my life and childhood, and, via the act of writing, understand their effect and purpose. This is like therapy on steroids. Entirely separate pieces of life’s puzzle begin to fit immediately and perfectly together, creating a clear picture. What was not possible to understand before, now as a result, makes perfect sense! These workshops are simply life changing.”   

~Malena Morling, UNCW Tenured Creative Writing Faculty & Guggenheim Poet, Chapel Hill, NC


These All Love Healing ASCENSION SCHOOLclasses are not available anywhere else on the planet. Many years serving as an award-winning writer, a professor of writing at NYU, and a healer led me to develop a unique process that:

  • illuminates blind spots
  • heals hurt and numbness
  • dissolves disappointment and limitations
  • clears illusion
  • activates wonder
  • increases confidence
  • puts you in touch with your higher self

Over the course of 4 weeks, we will gather together for 2.75 hours once a week. During each session, we will utilize energy work, meditation, informal writing, and discussion as tools for awakening and transformation.

Imagine a cross between a rocket ship ride and a sail boat ride. We will release energetic blockages, expose old patterns, and heal emotional wounds, so you can unleash your soul and experience the endless peace that is your natural state of being.

We will peer into the unconscious psyche, as you uncover questions and insights about yourself, about your loved ones, and about the mysteries of being you:

A unique human being in a wondrous universe.

“Jennifer’s workshop really transformed my life. Thanks to the meditations and writings, I discovered inner desires I did not know I had. I am not a visual person and I never “see” images during meditation (not even in my sleep-time dreams), but in this workshop I saw my inner child twice – what a thrill that was! The workshop helped me clear pathways to the inner desires that I discovered. I feel I am finally on the right path. Jennifer is amazing – if you ever have the opportunity to work with her – DO IT!”  

~ Valerie Bahena, Owner of Groove Jet Salon & Spa, Historic Downtown Wilmington, NC


You are not your body, personality, career, or accomplishments. You are an energetic being living in the physical world. And you are a powerful creator. You are far more than you dare imagine! Just wait til you see the magic you’re made of.

Together, we will heighten your awareness of your own energy and your connection to Spirit, giving you greater access to your intuition. As we clear conscious and unconscious mind patterns, you magnetize yourself to enthusiasm, inspiration, joy, and freedom beyond your wildest dreams.

This work expands your consciousness, so you experience the higher truth firsthand. Rather than have an intuitive healer tell you what you need to know, you will receive your own messages directly from Source.

Each session will include guided Energy Clearing Meditation to help you relax the critical mind, access higher creative knowing, free-up emotional intelligence, and deepen spiritual inquiry. Because this is a group experience, you will benefit from the breakthroughs of your peers and from the heightened group energy as you heal limiting beliefs and call forth the higher vibration of your new life.

Do you want to know the blissfully abundant being you really are? Are you ready for freedom?

It’s time to live your 100% authentic truth.

Time to fly!

Time to LOVE, for real.

“Jennifer’s Writing for Healing™ workshops are, in a word, transformational. By tapping into higher consciousness, I was able recognize that the only thing between me and the life of my dreams were old stories, my mind’s unconscious programs that aren’t even true. During this healing journey, which takes place in a loving and supportive environment, ancient illusions surfaced as I was ready to face them. By releasing these illusions with my eyes open, I discovered many empowering truths. I create my own reality. The workshop was the key to a wellspring of abundance in my life and within my self. ‘Behind that fear is your true magnificence,’ Jennifer told me. She is right. I’d recommend this illuminating, heart-expanding workshop to anyone ready to discover their true power!”    

~ Ashley Wahl, Senior Editor of Salt Magazine

“We are infinitely more than we think.”

Kahlil Gibran

Because your Writing for Healing™ experience is guided by your higher self, your experience will be what you most want and need at this time, never more or less than you’re ready for. This personal growth program is designed for non-writers and writers alike. Sharing is optional, and no experience with writing or meditation is necessary. The only thing you need is a desire for truth and Joy.

Free Your Infinite Self

and love your life, forever

A Writing for Healing™ Workshop

led by Jennifer Chapis
award-winning writer * energy healer * former NYU professor

Four Thursdays • July 21, July 28, August 4, August 11
6:15 – 9:00 pm EST (11 hours total)
3951-A Market Street • Wilmington, NC 28403


In order to create a sacred space, seating is limited.

Please don’t wait to secure your spot.

Join the Journey

“Amazing shifts have been happening in my life, and I credit Jennifer’s Writing for Healing™ workshop as the catalyst. I have become incredibly present to feeling where the energy is moving me, noticing in a non-judgmental way when I try to use old patterns to block my abundance, and making conscious decisions to choose a different behavior more aligned with what I truly want. These changes feel subtle, but the results have propelled me into a higher level in my spiritual growth, relationships, finances, career, life plan…the list is endless. In just a few short months after completing the workshop, I have serendipitously met a life partner, received several invitations to deepen my spiritual practice, and encountered the possibility of enough financial means to retire early. The momentum continues to grow every time I say “yes” to the energy of abundance. I can finally dare to conceive of a life beyond my wildest dreams with the confidence that it will unfold. Who wouldn’t be excited about a life like this!”

~Jill Large, Program Director at WISP

Out of town community, please stay tuned. Writing for Healing will be available by distance soon via a private and intimate online forum.