Trust your heart. Value its intuition.
Choose to let go of fear and to open to the Truth,
and you will awaken to the freedom, clarity, and joy of Being.



Love is the ultimate healer and the source of all life. Your greatest joy and power live within you.

Why is it important that you seek energy work?

Because this is the fast track to releasing the illusions of the mind that cause unnecessary unhappiness and dis-ease.

Because you are here to grow. And nothing, I mean nothing, feels more exciting, fulfilling, and exhilarating than that!

Because you’re amazing. No one can do what you can do, and the world needs you.

What is the single greatest malady in the world?

People being cut off from their own heart.

If youre feeling a call to energy work, then youre ready to:

  • live as a powerful expression of your soul
  • live in alignment with your higher self
  • awaken to the magic within you, which is also the magic within us all

All Love Activation Intensive

Discover your innermost peace, joy, and love.

My most comprehensive healing session, delivering 21 days of loving energy. Perfect for anyone, helpful with almost any concern.

All Love Healing combines energies from the highest vibration sources to customize a powerful experience uniquely for you. This multi-dimensional healing helps you safely and peacefully release conscious and unconscious fear, transform old heartache, and free yourself to enjoy life, work, and love today. These uplifting and relaxing sessions are offered by phone, wherever you live. You continue to receive the healing energy for 21 days, during which time life-changing shifts take place for your highest good.

When people ask me which service to get, this is the one I recommend most often. And if this is your first time, start here!

Learn more about All Love Healing for individuals, couple and colleagues, and my Timeless Heart sessions for light workers and ascending masters. It’s my passionate joy and honor to collaborate with the highest divine forces of Grace to deliver the most powerful healing available on the planet to support you on your journey.

Yelitza-Gallimore“Jennifer delivers deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing which begins during the session, and deepens for weeks afterward. Thoroughly soothing yet powerfully effective, once you release something it’s gone forever! You will experience significant breakthroughs in the gentlest way. Being with Jennifer feels like being with an angel.”

~Yelitza Gallimore, Behavioral Counselor and Wellness Advocate, Wilmington, NC

Akashic Records Clearing

Free and empower yourself

As essential as cleaning your body or home, clearing your energy field helps you better enjoy life, work, and good health.

As sensitive beings, we hold onto beliefs and patterns that don’t serve our highest good. We also absorb energies that are not our own. Releasing old, blocked, or borrowed energy helps us to grow and feel free.

When we access the Akashic Records, we access an experiential body of knowledge and compassion, containing the vibrational record of each individual’s soul journey. Are there areas of your life where you feel stuck or confused, where things are declining, or perceived problems tend to recur? These session provide insight and healing as we rewrite your story.

Sessions available by phone.

Learn more about my clearings for relationship issues, bodily pain, creative blocks, as well as home and office spaces.

“…As soon as Jennifer opened the records, I felt a shift in energy throughout my body. I felt my perspective broadening. As it turned out, what really wanted to be revealed was a deeper truth than I could have anticipated. Jennifer will change your life.”

~ Cathy Shap, Writer & Brand Consultant, Clarkston, MI

Past-life Regression Healing

Accelerate your awakening.

During this peaceful and profound session, old energies naturally come up for release. This is not your average PLR. With the help of energies of the highest grace, you heal an issue at its root, rewrite history, come into the grace of present-moment awareness, and reach another level of empowering renewal today.

Learn more.

Jamie-Penn“Thank you again for the gift of self-love that you helped guide me to. It always just seemed to float out there like some impossible balloon that I could never catch. You helped me see that it wasn’t out there to start with. And now there’s a new undertone to every day, a security, knowing that it’s within me, inside all of us, and that we can help fortify it in one another.” 

~ Jamie Penn, Director of Content & Marketing, Wilmington, NC

Please note my cancellation policy:

Thank you for please offering 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule. I very much appreciate you and my other clients too.  Except in the case of emergency, if a client cancels less than 24 hours prior to their appointment they may be responsible for paying for their service if I’m not able to offer that appointment to someone else on short notice. Thank you for your thoughtful respect for those who are waiting for appointments, and for all beings everywhere. Thanks for being you. You’re amazing!

Holy Wholeness Healing Series

Group light transmissions make it convenient and economical to receive life-changing healing as an alternative or in addition to private sessions.

You are creation itself, an important co-creator of the world we live in. Together we are healing history and ushering in a golden age of enlightenment. Ascension is simply a shift in consciousness. Thankfully, illusions of unworthiness and duality are ready to clear.

We are living in a miraculous age of awakening!

Learn more about this series of multi-dimensional, worlds-changing group energy transmissions, broadcasted from my home of Wilmington, NC (a magical place of healing and awakening on the Atlantic Ocean) and from power centers across the US and overseas.


“Writing for Healing™ is like therapy on steroids…These workshops are simply life changing.” 

~ Malena Morling, UNCW Tenured Creative Writing Faculty & Guggenheim Poet, Chapel Hill, NC

Writing for Healing™

This unique personal growth experience will help you gain clarity into the ageless, boundless being you really are. Each session in this month-long online group course will introduce you to energy work, meditation, informal writing, and discussion as tools for awakening and transformation.

This Writing for Healing™ program is a powerful mental, emotional, and energetic makeover to help you awaken to a new liberating perspective on life. Learn more HERE.

Please Note: The process of self-love and mastery is different for everyone. Isa Dona (Jennifer Chapis) does not promise nor accept responsibility for any outcome. Your unique experience and timing are guided by your soul.  Isa Dona is not a physician nor mental health counselor, and does not prescribe medication. All Love Healing is spiritual in nature and does not replace but complements the work of doctors, psychotherapists, body workers, nutritionists, etc. Please always consult with a licensed healthcare professional regarding physical or mental health changes. If you’re having an emergency, please call 911.