Guided Group Energy Clearing

Activation for Awakening

Experience the love, joy, peace, and wellbeing that already exist inside you!

You are invited to receive

“Earth My Body”
Light Transmission,

an energy clearing and activation to relax and receive the ecstatic expression of your own uniquely divine nature

Broadcasted from the energy vortex at Mount Mitchell

Via convenient recording

Do you worry that you’ll be misunderstood, judged, or rejected if you were to completely, and I mean completely, be yourself?

The seed of creation is planted within you, waiting to bloom into full, liberated alignment with your higher self. You are an exquisite creature, and no one can accept or express your true nature but you.

Are you ready to fully experience yourself as the magnificent expression of divine perfection that you already are?

Be honest, have you entertained any of these self-limiting behaviors…

  • judged yourself for not being good enough
  • settled for a job that is not your soul work
  • settled for a partner who is not your soul mate
  • settled in a geographical location that does not inspire you
  • sacrificed a dream in favor of practicality
  • isolated yourself because you feel drained by other people’s energy
  • ignored your inner child or self care
  • burned yourself out by prioritizing responsibility over fun
  • battled with depression, addiction, anxiety, or helplessness
  • repressed your sexual desire or stopped feeling alive below the belt
  • chosen work before love
  • stifled your creativity or carefree self
  • sacrificed play time or time in nature because you’re too busy

It’s OK. Learning to know ourselves, love ourselves, and BE PRESENT with ourselves can be a process.

If ever you’re trying to do anything other than be yourself, you’re making life unnecessarily difficult. Although we each experience it differently, the channel for all of creation flows straight through each of us. You are literally made of energy. If ever you don’t experience your own effortless life force, it’s because you’re blocking yourself in one way or another.

Stop fearfully trying to control yourself, and your life becomes the vision your higher self intends for you.

Heavenly grace becomes our earthly reality when we allow ourselves to simply be.
The “Earth My Body” Light Transmission supports you to relax and receive the miracles that are available to you now.

As you release limiting thought patterns, unnecessary worries and mind-cluttering stress, you create space for infinite possibility and magic.

May you choose a life 100% in honest alignment with your soul.

Have you:

  • hidden your true beliefs because you fear being misunderstood or disliked?
  • hushed yourself because you’re afraid someone will think you’re crazy?
  • hidden your spiritual practices or important rituals from people who don’t get you?
  • minimized your desires because you’re afraid to express them?
  • abandoned a meaningful project because you’re afraid of rejection or failure?
  • hidden your abilities because you don’t want someone to feel less than?
  • downplayed your accomplishments because you don’t want someone to be jealous?
  • repressed your anger because you’re a “nice” girl or guy?
  • muted your joy because you don’t want to appear idealistic or naive
  • held onto relationships that you’ve outgrown, due to guilt or obligation?
  • prioritized most everyone else’s needs before your own?

It’s OK. You’re learning how to maintain your vibration.

Higher service to yourself enables you to show up more powerfully for others. And that pure service to others further empowers you to honor yourself. What other people think is not your responsibility. Your responsibility is always to the highest Truth. Respectfully honoring soul-level truth empowers others to discover a purer sense of truth within themselves.

This Energy Clearing Activation for Ecstatic Personal Freedom delivers compassionate healing to self-doubt, codependency, and perfectionism!  As we allow the energy of creation to effortlessly flow through us, we discover faith in the perfection we already are, always were, and always will be.

This divinely channeled group healing supports you to be you—at once both your human self and your god self.

Like you, Mount Mitchell is ready to be seen and heard. Although this Appalachian peak is the highest in eastern North America, the powerful vortex had made itself partly invisible until a time when people were ready to receive the ancient truth contained deep within themselves. That time is now!!

We are living in a miraculous age of awakening.

The new fifth dimensional earth is here. Planet Earth and all her inhabitants are ascending. Thankfully, illusions of unworthiness and duality are ready to clear now. It’s time to ground higher truth into physical reality and embody your eternal soul nature here in the third dimension.

There is no one like you.

You are an irreplaceable piece of the one human puzzle that is thankfully coming together now. Let your soul continually guide you to consciously discover your most authentic, joyful life.

Brandie-Gerrish“The impact that these group healing meditations have had on my life and overall perspective is vast. I now tap into my higher knowing regularly. The growth of my intuition and gut instinct have made decision making easier, and life has become more of a calm country road rather than a raging super highway. I actively participate in distance meditations that continue to have a huge impact on my world. Universal comfort and connectivity. Powerful internal reflection. No matter where you live, I encourage those who have even the faintest interest to attend a session and realize the benefits personally. I’m grateful for Jennifer coming into my life.”

~ Brandie Garish, Public Relations Manager, Boston, MA

By way of the highest light, I am called to broadcast a worlds-changing energy transmission. This group energy clearing and activation is a non-denominational, all-embracing love transmission from one of the world’s most powerful energy vortexes.

High-vibration love energy is delivered directly to you wherever you are. Simply listen to the replay link to receive the high-vibration energy at your convenience.

Together, we are answering the call to heal illusions of separation between ourselves, our planet, and every embodied and divine being, animal, and energy throughout all time, space, dimension, and reality. As our consciousness expands and our energetic frequency raises, we help to unite the earth, the stars, and all people–just by being!

Collective oneness happens via the unique expression of each individual.

By way of Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Goddess Isis, her beloved Osiris, Mother Earth, and other energies of the highest light, I will be delivering pure love energy that raises the vibration of both the people and the planet, assisting with individual and collective oneness and awakening.

$111 introductory rate (normally $177)

Untimed energy transmission (90 minutes)

Own your freedom. Discover your divinity. Command your reality.

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Membership includes all Light Transmissions in 2018.

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We are living in a miraculous age of awakening! It’s my mission to collaborate with the highest divine forces of Grace to deliver the most powerful healing available on the planet to support you on your journey.

In 2018, I am called to broadcast a series of multi-dimensional worlds-changing energy transmissions, from my Wilmington, NC, a magical place of healing and awakening on the Atlantic Ocean, and from power centers across the US and overseas.

By way of the highest light, these Group Energy Transmissions raise your vibration. By saying yes to your own awakening, you help heal the people and the earth. Together we are rewriting history and ushering in a golden age of enlightenment.

You are an irreplaceable piece of the one human puzzle that is coming together now. Thankfully, illusions of unworthiness and duality are ready to clear. Ascension is simply a shift in consciousness. As we allow the energy of creation to effortlessly flow through us, we discover faith in the perfection we always were and always will be.You are creation itself, an important co-creator of the world we live in. Is it time to ground higher truth into physical reality and embody your eternal soul? You choose.

Let your soul continually guide you to consciously discover your most authentic, joyful life. Group light transmissions make it convenient and economical to receive life-changing healing as an alternative or in addition to private sessions.

Committing yourself now to a year of awakening more powerfully activates your transformation. Your activation begins the moment you subscribe!

$1111 introductory rate available today (Save $128)
Ready to invest in yourself and discover the life that’s waiting for you….
Subscribe now and receive the EARTH MY BODY light transmission as a gift (Normally $111)
Light Transmission

“If you really want to know love, forget about love and remember meditation.”


“I’ve had so many experiences of Christ Energy around me throughout my life, but Jennifer’s energy transmission at Mt. Shasta allowed me to embody it. I experienced the wisdom and the truth of who I am and all of the energies that have been following me all my life—trying to protect me and love me, and show me the real realities and realms of existence that were just an arm’s reach away. And now they’re available to me! That veil was pierced. People strive to experience unconditional love. Where do you find that? It found me…true unconditional love on earth, what people elude to as enlightenment. It doesn’t have to be a long journey. It doesn’t have to be the old modality. I saw the light. Healing can happen in an instant. You can stay at home in your armchair and receive the energy from the world’s most powerful vortexes, for a very reasonable price of admission. Incredible!”

~Kata Wilson, Start up CEO BlueSpot Health, Novato, CA

The channel for all of creation flows straight through you.

Have you ever seen a morning glory wrapped up tight like a closed umbrella? Then, in dawn’s light, its handsome purple face unfurls. We are not separate from the creative force that moves every living thing. The life force of all creation breathes open each blessed vessel at just the right time.

You were always a miracle.

Nature doesn’t work to achieve beauty. The whippoorwill enchanting us with its distinctive bird song simply is beautiful. The same is true for you. Like a formation of clouds shifting overhead, your perfection is forever revealing itself! Like a towering redwood, you already are a channel between heaven and earth. And you know it!

The earth wants to co-create with you.

You are invited to discover your own expanded state of consciousness and higher vibration mindset where work and play are one. Healing is play, not work. Allow perfect life to surprise you and support your every step.


I enjoy life. I let nature and my high self do the heavy lifting for me.

When I stop trying to sketch a plan, the picture appears.

How do you become the divine human creator of your immaculate soul’s inimitable destiny?

Relax and see. Don’t think. Be.