“Negativity is born in the gap where love has been excluded. Gaps occur in places where we are afraid to see ourselves”

– Deepak Chopra

Most people tend to feel more clear and vibrant when the energies surrounding them are clear and vibrant. As essential as physical cleaning, energy clearing your home, workplace, or studio of negative emotions helps your life and work flow more joyfully.

The physical spaces where you live, work, and practice absorb emotions, such as anger, sorrow, and fear from past actions, interactions, thoughts, or arguments. Over time, your home or workplace becomes cluttered with the energetic equivalent of old dusty garbage, negatively impacting your well-being and productivity.

Your home represents the self. All Love Space Clearing helps you release the past and awaken to present-moment alignment, awareness, and well-being.

With the help of higher guidance, I use my unique energetic and intuitive gifts to provide a thorough space clearing that has a profound healing effect on you, your family, pets, and anyone who lives in, works in, or visits your space.

Brian-McKeever“There was a positive feel to my house and property immediately after the space clearing that Jennifer performed.  And, a few interesting events followed. About a week after the clearing, a small tornado went right through my neighborhood. My neighbor watched as the vortex of the tornado stalled directly over my house, then proceeded across the street. Many of my neighbors had house and property damage, yet my home suffered no damage whatsoever. Also shortly after the clearing, I listed my upstairs for rent and the exact right person showed up to rent space in my house. Then, I had the house appraised and my appraisal came in $75,000 higher than expected. Jennifer’s energy clearing seemed to outreach the house! And it also felt like a clearing for me, as it has opened me up to expand in business, personally, socially, and financially.”

–Brian McKeever, Owner Lumina Wellness and Physical Therapy, Wilmington NC



  • When moving into a new home, especially one that has gone through a foreclosure
  • If you want to feel more loving and intimately connected with your spouse or romantic partner
  • If you and your love are getting married, or moving in together
  • After a divorce or breakup
  • If you have a baby on the way
  • After a child leaves for college or moves out
  • After anyone in your home has suffered a long-term illness or difficulty
  • Before a wedding or other important event
  • If you often feel tired or heavy in a particular room or when returning home in general
  • After spring cleaning or renovating
  • Any time you want to feel refreshed and uplifted or create a space that feels refreshing and uplifting to others
  • If you’re starting a home business
  • When starting a new job or new business out of the home
  • Any time you’re in transition, sensing a big life change is coming, or starting fresh


  • If you’re looking to renew the energy in the workplace
  • If you feel negatively impacted by a colleague or business partner
  • If you feel negatively impacted by a colleague’s energy
  • If you bought someone else’s business
  • If you’re looking to increase traffic or clientele to your business
  • If you’re a realtor with a property to sell or rent
  • If you work closely with bodies and minds (psychologists, doctors, trauma coaches, acupuncturists, teachers, yoga instructors, personal trainers, massage therapists, etc.)
  • If your work requires emotional and creative energy (artists, writers, musicians, inventors, scientist, or anyone in need of increased access to their life force energy).
  • If you own a spa, salon, gym, massage, or yoga studio (these spaces accumulate negative energy as people release their anger and other toxins during workouts or sessions)
  • If you own a restaurant, boutique, shop or other business and want to maintain a clean, clear vibration where patrons feel welcome.
  • If you’re in transition, sensing a big change is coming, or starting fresh


Space clearing helps you and others experience a bright sense of welcoming peace in your home, store, office, restaurant, or studio.

To request a quote, please complete this form. The exchange depends on square footage and if the space has been previously cleared.

Exchange: $222 / hour

Most All Love Space Clearing is done by distance and does not require additional travel expenses.  Contact me if you would like me to travel in-person to your home or place of business.

“Fear is the energy which contracts, closes down, draws in, runs, hides, hoards, harms. Love is the energy which expands, opens up, sends out, stays, reveals, shares, heals…. Fear holds close, love holds dear. Fear grasps, love lets go…. Fear attacks, love amends.”

-Neale Donald Walsch

Q &A

What makes All Love Space Clearing different?

I do a uniquely thorough clearing that is a profound healing through time and space for every member of the family and everyone who ever lived or worked in the space, leaving your home or office energetically clear and full of high-vibration love energy.

Is there any preparation for a space clearing?

Yes, I recommend you physically clean the space and remove any unwanted items from the property before I do the energetic space clearing.

How long does a space clearing take?

It depends on how large the space is, and if the space has been cleared before. In-person space clearings take longer. I do most clearings by distance, as they are equally powerful, more convenient, and quicker, therefore more economical. (An 800-square foot apartment usually takes about two hours. A 1200-square foot condo may last three hours. The average 1,800-2,000 square foot house usually takes around four hours. A 5,000-square foot home or office might take six hours, for example. Anything larger may take more than one day.) Businesses often take longer to space clear because they have more visitors.

It depends also on what’s going on energetically in the space and how much clearing is required. Please complete the form to get an approximate quote. My quotes are usually accurate, and if I finish more quickly than I expect, you will be billed less.

Do I need to be home for my space clearing?

No, it’s not necessary to be physically present for the clearing. However it may be enjoyable for you to be there for at least part of it. Being home for an in-person clearing does make the space clearing take longer because I will share insights that I receive during the clearing.

Is it OK if children or pets are present for the clearing?

Children and pets will benefit from the clearing without needing to be present for it. Having children or pets present for an in-person clearing can slow down the process, and so it’s ideal if they are not home at the time of the clearing. I normally recommend a distance clearing when children and pets are at home. However, well-behaved children or pets are of course welcome if other arrangements cannot be made.

What happens after a space clearing?

You are also likely to experience energetic shifts after a space clearing. Although everyone unique and has the experience perfect for them, you and your family or colleagues may experience a refreshing feeling of warmth and welcome in your home or office. You and others may feel more vibrant living or working in the space. An increase is productivity and business in a work space is likely, as well.

How often should my home or office be cleared?

There is no standard amount of time between clearings. To keep your home or workplace feeling fresh and inviting, you may want to perform a Space Clearing whenever you intuitively feel it’s time.

People who are sensitive to energy may desire more frequent clearings. To keep your living or work space feeling fresh and inviting, you may also want to do maintenance clearings periodically, for example, once a year, or after a challenging period or a turnover in staff.

How do I know when it’s time for a clearing?

You’ll know when it’s time. Ask yourself: Am I feeling open, light, and joyful? Or, if you’re a business owner, are my employees happy and productive? Do clients find me easily?

Deep clearings are recommended during a major transition, such as moving to a new home, workplace, or relationship. Or after an emotionally challenging event, such as divorce, prolonged illness, or death. Maintenance clearings are recommended any time you want to clear negative energy, for example, if you’ve not felt like yourself for a while.