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After being evacuated for more than a week and after many hours of being rerouted because of road closures, today I finally made it home to Wilmington, NC, one of the cities impacted by Hurricane Florence. I live one block from the Cape Fear River which was flooded just days ago, and I am happy to report that although the river is high and flood warnings remain, Water Street is dry today and downtown businesses are slowly getting back to business.

Seeing a local coffee shop which suffered damages generously handing out free water and coffee reminds me of when I was living in New York City after 9/11. New Yorkers looked out for each other, as if family. And here we are again, almost exactly seven years later. Strangers hugging are no longer strangers.


Mother Earth is Communicating With Us, Always

Let’s Listen, Together….

Weeks before Hurricane Florence appeared on the radar, I woke with a clear knowing that the “winds of change” had arrived. I have been in communication with Mother Earth ever since, and would like to share some of what has been shared with me, in hopes this brings peace to troubled hearts….

Last week, Florence began blasting us with healing energy even before making landfall. In ways that we cannot yet entirely see, this dark, holy mother of a storm is helping us each and all surrender to love and divine flow.

As the holy rivers wash over us, carrying us exactly where we need to be moment by moment, may we remember that we are one with the divine Mother, giver of all life.

As I write this, friends and clients have been displaced from Hurricane Florence. Evacuees are returning home to damages. Some can’t get home due to flooding and road closures and still don’t know what awaits them. Some have lost their homes. What an honor it is to witness faith from brave souls, as well as to witness the sadness, anger, and fear that naturally accompanies loss. Amazingly–amidst the loss of control, loss of property, loss of safety, loss of home, and even loss of life–many people are hearing their inner Divine Guidance more clearly and powerfully now than ever.

All is right. Trust.

No matter what it looks like, please trust that Nature is constantly offering support. Although the human mind may struggle to relax at times, you are a living miracle not separate from the flow of Nature. At any moment, we can release our resistance and allow nature to transmute our suffering. Surrender to Mother Nature’s pure power, and she delivers you where you’re going.

The Scales are Tipping
More People are Awakening, Fast

Each of us is in the process of restoring balance and harmony within ourselves, which is balance and harmony for all souls, and for the earth herself. Whatever is happening (even painful tragedy) is always a divine manifestation collectively created by our awakening souls for the highest healing and ascension of the planet.

By surrendering to the divine flow that guides all of nature, we are saying Yes to the restoration of our own balance and power, and to the rapid expansion that our awakening souls are calling in now. 

And the more directly we are willing to face ourselves, our shadows, and, ultimately, our power, the faster we experience ourselves and one another as love.

This is enlightenment. The ascension is a process. We do it together.

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, equal parts darkness and light. These seemingly polarized forces are wholly supportive of one another. Sometimes, we must first experience darkness in order to feel the light. Sometimes we suffer loss in order to discover love.

Fear is all that separates us from Source, ourselves, and each other. While our human selves may struggle to see in the dark, our higher selves can (when we relax, breathe, and trust) see the same scary picture from a newly-expanded, brighter perspective.

Natural disasters shift a lot of energy fast and can serve as a collective catapult.

How to Powerfully Support Ourselves and Others
Thank You for Sharing Love Energy

Together we are healing a collective loss of POWER (and connectivity) among an enormously powerful family of souls. And together, we turn the lights on.

What is power, really? Real power is love.

Although we sometimes experience very real human challenges, all of life’s storms thankfully remind us, again and again… Our core is where we want to be.

Our planet. Our one collective heart. Our home. Where there is brokenness, please trust that light is filling the cracks. Because it is.

Nothing is more affecting than what we do with our minds and our hearts.

Together we create the world we live in. We create the political climate. And, believe it or not, we even create the weather.

If you’re on my mailing list, I hope you enjoyed the Free Guided Energy Clearing Meditation I sent after the storm. Our Prayer for Peace is relevant to everyone everywhere, and grows in power as many more people shift their focus and their energy to love. The light expands as WE open our hearts together. If you haven’t had a chance yet to relax in the center of your own heart, I invite you to enjoy this gift now.

When we choose to step into the effortless flow from which we are not separate, we discover the Miracle Zone. Thank you for sharing this mind-shifting, heart-opening meditation with loved ones everywhere, as you feel guided.


Mother Nature works in cooperation with your soul desires and purpose to awaken you.

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Any questions, feel free to contact me.

Isa Dona (Jennifer Chapis) is an ascension guide dedicated to global love consciousness. By way of the highest light, she uses her unique intuitive and energetic gifts to offer private healing activations, clearings, and regressions, wherever you are located. Her signature world light transmissions heal the earth’s energy grid and contribute to the collective awakening of mankind. Learn More.
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