Awaken to Higher Love

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True, lasting ecstatic love does not come from outside of you. When you expect people to make you feel loved or supported, the ego stands in the way of truth, separating you from yourself, your loved ones, and the divine. Any time you feel unhappy or unloved, it’s because you’ve (consciously or unconsciously) opted to see life through a dark tunnel.

However, with a regular practice of meditation and energy work, mental and emotional blocks can be healed, naturally opening the gateway within and giving you access to deeper clarity otherwise unavailable to the logical mind.

Meditation and energy work help you know what to do with a clear head because your most enlightened understanding comes from your heart. If you’re not sure what to do or how you feel, meditate. If you’re blaming another person, meditate. If you’re feeling alone, unloved, or hurt, just meditate.

By breathing into your experience, loneliness, separation, selfishness, and selflessness melt away. There’s no need to believe your fear or anger. As your self-awareness increases, you are much less likely to buy into the story that true love is unattainable, or that someone else can give it to you.

There is no one here but you. We are simply reflections of one another. Remember this, and you will see the truth about yourself and others much faster and painlessly. The ego can be tricky. There are many layers to see through before you’re looking out a clear lens. Sometimes what looks like love is actually selfishness. And what looks like selfishness is actually love. Forgiveness and compassion do not necessitate sacrificing yourself. Sometimes the most loving deed is to set a boundary or protect yourself. Taking care of yourself enables you to be seen and grow. And, it enables other people to learn their own soul lessons for themselves.

As you practice being present with yourself, you discover more love than you can imagine. Seeing yourself enables Spirit to support you. Why? Because you’re open.

Opening your heart to your Higher Self connects you to the universal life force that flows through all beings everywhere. It’s time to awaken to higher love. Self awakening IS universal awakening. Oneness is already here the moment we realize oneness is already here.

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