Ready to Relax

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A little bird told me you’re ready to relax.

So you want more ease, eh?

Are you willing to allow life to be peaceful? Are you willing to simply be? Unrest is simply our own resistance to what is. Relax those muscles, and you will see what greater gift life is delivering.

Meditation helps us release the mind’s stubborn projections. And releasing our ownership over people and circumstances allows things to present themselves in a new light. If your mind tells you things should be other than they are, and you choose to believe that, then your experience will be unpleasant. It is our interpretation of people and events that we sometimes resist, dislike, or even hate. Not life itself. Our experience is our interpretation of that experience, nothing more or less. Joy and freedom exist in the recognition of this simple truth.

Allowing the world around you to flow freely forward, allows you to grow, excel, and enjoy life. Why? Because when you accept your life, you accept yourself. You can’t change your soul lessons. But loving your life, as it is, will change your life for the better. This means trusting that the universe is delivering exactly what you want and need, even when you don’t recognize that gift immediately.

Let’s breathe. Let’s enjoy our lives. Let’s meditate together, yes!

“Find the place which is effortlessly at rest within itself. Be there. Be one with that.”



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