Compassion Cures

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“Compassion is the keen awareness of the interdependence of all things.”

-Thomas Merton

Dear Friends,

Love is the ultimate healer and the source of all life. How so? Well, because an open heart is a heart connected to Source. Oneness already exists. Our love is waiting for us to awaken. The truth is, it’s impossible to separate from the suffering of others and love yourself at the same time. Discover your compassion and you discover your connection with the higher truth. To show love to another IS to show love to yourself. The desire to see others freed from suffering releases us from our own suffering. And showing yourself compassion also supports those around you. Cultivate compassion, and your life becomes a bountiful garden of understanding where you love, accept, and support others and they love, accept, and support you.

Whatever you may perceive as a problem in your life or in the world, love is the remedy. Please join us for weekly group energy clearing meditation as we send the healing power of compassion to ourselves, to one another, and to all beings everywhere. A regular meditation practice is a regular compassion practice.

All love,


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