Sexual Awakening

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Sexual awakening is spiritual awakening. It’s actually an awakening of the heart.

The urge to connect physically with another person is also a desire to connect to the divine love within that person, and therefore within yourself. When you separate sexual energy from heart energy, you disconnect from your inner power, and therefore close the gateway to the awakening awaiting you.

Sexual awakening, like enlightenment, has nothing to do with agenda, control, or outcome. When sex is treated like something to make you or someone else feel good, the ego stands in the way of Higher Love, ultimately separating you from yourself, your partner, and the divine. However, with practice, mental and emotional blocks can be healed naturally and effortlessly, opening the gateway within.

True ecstatic energy does not come from the physical body alone. The body is a channel for kundalini to move through. Meditation helps you become present in the body, in the mind, and in the heart. By breathing into your experience, by allowing yourself to fully feel all that is here for you in each moment, loneliness, separation, insatiability, apathy, unfulfillment, addiction, selfishness, selflessness, and other illusions of the ego gradually melt away. There’s no need to believe your fear. As your self-awareness increases, you are much less likely to believe the human illusion that lasting ecstasy is somehow unattainable, or that someone else can give it to you.

Your power and ecstasy come from your love. As you learn to become present within yourself, you discover more passionate connection than you can imagine. With practice, you may experience a rhapsody of euphoria beyond fleeting pleasure, and far beyond the singular self. Experiencing yourself and your partner as love-energy opens opportunities to awaken deep mystery and bliss. Sexual awakening is Self awakening is universal awakening. Opening your heart to your Higher Self opens you to the universal life force that flows through all beings everywhere.

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